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 Hurricane Season is coming

Hurricane Season is coming

Weather experts are predicting an above-average Atlantic hurricane season for 2021. We are just finishing a record season in 2020, but this coming season is likely to be more active. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season totaled 30 named storms (a new high) including 13 named hurricanes.

A fading El Nino tends to correspond with a more active hurricane season

Corey K, Meteorologist

With above-average storm numbers expected, residents along the coast are reminded to check their insurance policies. Many new residents to the coast should make sure they have the proper coverage; and for those long-term residents, it is always a good idea to check and see if any updates are needed.

Severe weather can cause significant damage from wind, waves and blowing object; however, post-event hardships are something policy owners need to consider. It is common for affected areas to see a shortage of contractors and building supplies. Also with spikes in demand, basic living expenses tend to increase.

Resident and business owners are urged to contact their agents to review their property coverage and any coverage against business interruption.

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