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Who we are?

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing was established in 2009 to provide total financial services by offering client-focused and top of the line comprehensive asset management.

Through advanced financial marketing techniques in the United States, we have expanded our sales network and are growing towards becoming a global asset management consulting firm.

UNI Worldwide Financial handles life insurance, pensions, estate planning, college planning, long-term care insurance, and retirement planning due to the increased longevity of the average human lifespan.  In addition, the company has hand-selected 60 of the best insurance companies rated Class A and higher. Through these companies, UNI introduces clients to the perfect products that fit their unique lifestyles. In order to accomplish this mission, UNI has established 15 offices in major US cities and one branch office in South Korea.

UNI Worldwide Financial’s goal is to improve our clients’ overall experience by providing advanced financial assistance from reliable professionals, strengthening product development capabilities, innovating insurance marketing, and establishing an efficient asset management service system.

How we do it?

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing is unique in this new industry; dedicated to fulfilling the financial needs of every individual and family from all obstacles of life.

Our mission is to help individuals and families become properly protected and financially independent by providing financial education. This is to help them to make a plan that ensures them the very best solution in reaching their goals.

UNI Worldwide Financial Marketing provides total financial services. We offer quality choices of products and the most suitable financial solutions for each individual’s and families’ needs by contracting with many of the world’s leading financial service providers.

 How Money works.

 How Insurance works.

 How Financial mortgage works.

 How Estate planning works.

 How Retirement works.

 How College planning works.

Why we do it?

We believe that the majority of the financial difficulties people are facing today are cause by misleading information and a lack of financial education.But with UNI’s complete financial plans, you don’t have to be down and constantly struggling during this time of financial crisis and recession. UNI’s complete financial plans will show you various ways to relieve the burdens of financial stress. People don’t plan to fail. They just fail to make the right plan.

People don’t need another product.

         They need a Right Plan and Education.